Independent Work

After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016, I moved to Los Angeles and lived off of freelance work before I started working full-time. Once I had consistent work in the film and marketing industry, I quickly realized that it was not for me. I found myself more interested in how we were communicating and what map we were using to deliver content to the audience. I knew that the tech industry would fit my interests. Below is a mix of my eclectic and exciting work before switching to tech, I hope you enjoy.


Demo Reel


Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (Parody)

Warm & Fuzzy - 2017

Warm & Fuzzy is a digital effects studio based in Culver City, CA. I was hired as a freelance animator. During my time I had the privilege to work on a number of exciting projects with interesting people. One of the projects was with Bart Baker. Bart is a music video parody artist that makes his living remaking iconic music videos and poking fun at them. For this installment, he chose to parody Bruno Mars and his "That's What I Like" music video. I had the pleasure of animating the lines and cartoons that accompany his sweet dance moves. Enjoy.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Live concert visuals

Warm & Fuzzy - 2017

Warm & Fuzzy provided me with another opportunity. This time was with Japan's famous pop-star, Ayumi Hamasaki. Ayumi was going on her reunion tour in 2017 (she's similar to a Brittany Spears level figure in Japan) and she needed concert visuals to accompany her top song "Journey". The concept was simple, create a journey through old Dutch paintings. I had the artistic liberty of adding the data-mosh effect to the provided paintings and the final edit. Each sequence was provided separately for live visual jocking.

Capstone Wealth Management - Online commercial

Capstone - 2017

Mark Thomas owns a wealth management firm in Billings Montana, called Capstone Wealth Management. He contacted me and asked if I could visually describe his firm's processes to future clients. Over the course of three months, I worked with Mark and his firm to create the perfect script. Then, I  took full creative responsibility in creating the visuals, the audio, and the animation. This project took almost five months to complete by myself, I hope you enjoy.

Liftie - App Explainer Video

Savannah College of Art & Design - 2016

For my senior project at SCAD, my assignment was to create the best motion graphic video I could using all the skills I learned over the years. While taking my senior class I was also taking a course in User Experience. My partner and I created an app that was meant to be your "best friend" when skiing. I was so passionate about our idea for this app I decided to base my senior project explaining it. Essentially, it's a safety "friend" who helps you navigate the slopes for solo skiers all while staying safe. Someday I hope to develop this or at least design the products explained for resorts to use.

Food & Wine Aspen - Online Commercial

Savannah College of Art & Design - 2016

My old high school friend, Stephanie Nixon, works for Food & Wine during the summers in Aspen. She asked me to help her online campaign by making a sizzle video for the event. From there she provided me with the food images and the copy and left the rest up to me to create. Bon appetit!

Grand Budapest Hotel - Title Sequence

Savannah College of Art & Design - 2015

During my junior year motion media course at SCAD, our project was to create a title sequence for our favorite movie using all of our own made assets. For me, this was an easy choice. I love the 2014 film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and enjoyed the challenge of making my project look like it could be the title sequence for the iconic Wes Anderson film.